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2018 Over a period of months, all Inklingo PDFs were updated with a new cover page to keep up with changes in technology.

August 2017 All Inklingo PDFs have been updated with a new cover page and “offline” access has been extended to 365 days instead of 200 days.

April 2014 The LeMoyne Star 6 inch shape collection has been expanded with an additional bonus shape. If you already have it, you can download the new version from your account. It’s free. There is no need to order again.

May 2014 90° Hexagon 1 inch for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the crosses was expanded with an additional hexagon layout. If you already have it, you can download the new version from your account. It’s free. There is no need to order again.

June 2014 90° Hexagon 1.5 inch for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the crosses was expanded with an additional hexagon layout. If you already have it, you can download the new version from your account. It’s free. There is no need to order again.

Whenever you download a PDF from your account you get the newest version. There is no need to order again.

If you downloaded any Inklingo shape collections before November 2011, please read:

November 2011

Good news! There are new versions of Inklingo downloads.

Good news!


All of the shape collections have been updated to be compatible with the latest update to Adobe Reader X.

You can use Adobe Reader 7, 8, 9, X, or XI. It was necessary to update for the quilters using Adobe Reader X, so I took this opportunity to make several other improvements, described here.


  • If you downloaded an Inklingo PDF before November 8, 2011:
    The PDF you have is out of date. Please download each file as you need it, before you open again. Otherwise, there is a chance you will be locked out until you contact me. I am happy to help, if necessary.
  • If you downloaded after November 8, 2011:
    You have the newest one, but you should still check for new versions from time to time as described below.


You can continue to use the version of Adobe Reader you already have and continue to use the original PDF until it is convenient to download again, as described below. You will need to log in every time until you get the new PDFs.


  1. To see which version you have: Open Adobe Reader > Help > About Adobe Reader.
  2. To avoid confusion, it is a good idea to create a separate folder for the new ones and delete each old file from your original folder when you replace it.
  3. To be sure you always have the newest version in the future, see our Smart Strategy.


To get a new version, just log into your account and download again. (New Download Instructions)

You do not need to place a new order.

When you log into your account on the website and click on a title in your list, the most current version always downloads.

New & Improved


All of the shape collections had to be updated to be compatible with a recent update to Adobe Reader X.

If you use Adobe Reader X or XI, you will not be able to open the files more than once or twice before you are locked out. I can help if this happens to you, but you can avoid it by downloading the new version.

Creating new versions is one of the many wonderful advantages of providing Inklingo shapes in downloads instead of on CDs.

Since all of the shape collections had to be revised anyway, I took this opportunity to make other changes you will love!


Inklingo is even more user-friendly.

  • Simpler new download instructions.
    Left-click to download and save. Hooray!
    (The old right-click method confused some quilters.)
  • Shape collections open faster.
  • Changes to your IP address do not require email confirmation anymore.*


  • The Bookmarks Panel opens automatically.
  • The bookmarks are easier to use. (My method improved as the years rolled by.)
  • There are many clickable green links for faster access to info on the website and blog.
  • The text in the 2008-2009 versions is more consistent with the newer ones.
  • Pages were added to the oldest ones—like design notes, worksheets, and Monkey’s Cheat Sheet.
  • Some headings are easier to read (simpler font).
  • There are references to related files, design books, lessons on the blog, etc. which were not available when the original versions were published.
  • A more efficient format almost always reduces the amount of space used on your hard drive (fewer MB), even when there are more pages.
  • It will be easier to notify quilters if there are ever any corrections.

Yin Yang

I added two more layouts. This was requested by quilters who found that their blocks were turning out slightly smaller than 6 inches (finished), even though the shapes were technically correct. This will make it easier to use Yin Yang blocks with other 6 inch blocks. Quilters who have Yin Yang receive these additional layouts at no charge when they download the new version.


If there is ever a need for an important correction, quilters who have already purchased the shape collection will be emailed immediately. It will also be recorded on this page, if required.

What's next?


You may be notified that there is a new version when you open a shape collection, but since you can open Inklingo when you are not connected to the Internet (“offline”), this does not always happen.

From now on, you will have to re-enter your email address and password to open Inklingo every 200 days. That way, you won’t go a long time without knowing there is an important new update.


Quilters with Adobe Reader X should download the new versions one at a time, when they need them. In the future, for any Adobe Reader, including X, this is the best method:

1. Check for a New Version. Just in case you are not notified automatically, you should check before you use an Inklingo shape collection that you have not used for a while. Here’s how.

2. Wait Until You Need It. You are going to want every new version, but it can be pretty boring to download 5 or more big PDFs in a row, especially if you don’t plan to use them immediately.

The most current version will always be available to you. You don’t want to download now just for the sake of downloading, and then possibly have to download again when you are actually ready to use it.


It is NOT necessary to download updates to all of your shape collections until you need them.

If you use Adobe Reader 7, 8, or 9 (not X), I have been able to make it possible for you to continue to use the old version until it is convenient to download again. For example, if you are just opening a shape collection to quickly print a few more Inklingo shapes, you don’t necessarily have to stop and download a new version first. Nice, eh?

We will keep it this way as long as possible. Eventually, you may be required to download again before you can print.

ADOBE READER X OR XI  The original Inklingo PDFs don’t work well with the latest update to Adobe Reader X and XI. Therefore, if you have anything you downloaded before November 8, 2011, please download the new one when you are ready to use it again.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! I am happy to help.

Mail to Linda

*IP addresses are provided by the Internet Service Provider, or ISP, and some change frequently. It was not affecting all quilters yet, but it was a nuisance for a few, especially those with satellite connections and those who travel a lot.

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