My Jane Austen

Jane Austen Silhouette

My books and DVDs combine quilting with my longitime passion for the life and novels of Jane Austen.


  Quilted Diamonds: Jane Austen, Jane Stickle & Friends
(book or book/CD) (2002)

  Quilted Diamonds: more Austen-tatious diamonds to hand piece
(book/DVD or book/DVD/CD) (2004)

  Jane Austen’s Writing Table Quilts
(DVD/CD) (2005)  (July 2009, special sale price)

FOR A REPLICA (Inklingo or traditional methods)

  Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery (book) (2009)

  Jane Austen Patchwork (Inklingo download) (2008)

  Jane Austen Combo (book plus Inklingo download)

There are photo albums of my trips to Chawton and Bath on the web site too (under the Jane Austen tab). “She could think of nothing better.” (Emma, Ch 22)

APRIL 2010  Jane Austen’s History of England is available online. All About Inklingo Blog

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