Why English Paper Piece?

In the past, English Paper Piecing (EPP) was the favorite choice for a portable project, in order to avoid marking seam lines. However, Inkllingo’s precise lines for stitching and cutting–perfectly printed on the fabric–changed all that!

Do you have an EPP UFO? You can finish it with Inklingo.
Find out how on the All About Inklingo blog: English Paper Piecing Rescue

“My EPP was s-l-o-w-l-y coming together. However, being a little obsessive, a lot of my hexies are already basted to paper. So I got to thinking… and steamed them while basted, undid the basting, trimmed to 1/4” seams, and WALA! ready to use the running stitch and be rescued and added to other Inklingo hexies. Thank you Linda!” — Michelle in Atascadero CA

The PDF compares English Paper Piecing to Inklingo methods.

Monkey with Inklingo Hexagons
PDFClick to view the PDF in your browser, or
Right Click and choose Save As to download and save to your hard drive.
(Remember where you put it!)
If you love a portable project but would like to make better quilts in less time, try Inklingo. There’s even a free collection to get you started.
If you do enjoy English Paper Piecing, there are at least 8 good ways to use Inklingo to make it faster and easier, as described in this article on Quilting Hub.
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