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See Episode 837 on DIY Network or HGTV or view the show online! In the Simply Quilts Video Center, search for Franz or 837.

Monkey and I had the great honor to go to Burbank California (very near Hollywood) in June 2002 to meet Alex Anderson and tape Episode 837 of Simply Quilts.

It was an amazing adventure, which we would like to share with you here. First, let Monkey answer the four most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why hand piece?
In a few minutes on Simply Quilts, it is possible to show some of the simple, satisfying steps to hand piecing a quilt block. However, it takes longer to describe all of the benefits of traditional hand piecing, updated with freezer paper, because there are so many advantages! Monkey’s TOP TEN LIST for hand piecing.

Q. Did Monkey appear on the show?
A. Yes.  Proof to follow.

Q. Is Alex as nice in person as she seems to be on TV?
A. Yes!  She is very friendly and professional.  A true heroine for quilters.

Q. Will there be a project on your site when the show airs?
A. Yes!  We discussed two diamonds from Quilted Diamonds and you can see details on the HGTV site.

Here are a few “first impressions” of Simply Quilts from Pride and Prejudice, especially  through the eyes of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the most delightful creature ever to appear in print.

Upon hearing from her producer that she was invited to appear on Simply Quilts!
No scheme could have been more agreeable to Elizabeth.  Ch. 27

Mrs. Bennet’s advice to Elizabeth when she is preparing her materials for the show
Do not run on in the wild manner that you are suffered to do at home.  Ch. 9

Upon hearing that she will look shorter and thicker on TV
Elizabeth felt herself completely taken in. Ch. 17 She felt depressed beyond anything she had known before. Ch. 36  It was not in her nature, however, to increase her vexations by dwelling on them. Ch. 41

The plan became as perfect as plan can be. Ch. 27

Upon hearing instructions from the stage manager and director
Elizabeth found herself quite equal to the scene. Ch 29

During the rehearsal
Her spirits were in a high flutter.  Ch. 43
Resolved to appear and to speak with calmness. Ch. 43

Realizing it is all over
She had not got beyond the words “delightful” and “charming.” Ch. 43 ….nor could she for many hours, learn to think of it less than incessantly.  Ch. 57

It is done, however, and it was done for the best. Ch. 35

Thank you, Alex and all the crew for a wonderful experience. And thank you for visiting!

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