English Paper Piecing Rescue

Why does EPP appeal to so many of us?

English Paper Piecing Rescue

Why are there so many unfinished EPP quilts?

Inklingo Video Clip - English Paper Piecing Rescue

This is a short clip from Inklingo Live Video 06.

This 15 page PDF answers these questions and describes how you can add Inklingo shapes to an EPP UFO.


Click to view the PDF in your browser, or

Right Click and choose Save As to download and save to your hard drive.

(Remember where you put it!)

“I’m so converted! I would still be cutting, glueing  were as now I’ve already stitched the first star lol.  Thank you so much for your help again. I love this concept and so happy you thought of it and followed through and now sharing with the world.” – Heather in Australia

“I just downloaded the Passacaglia  Inklingo last weekend. I love it so much more than the EPP way!! Now I may actually get this quilt done in the next year and not in 15 years!!” – Chris in PA

Inklingo English Paper Piecing Tutorials

8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for EPP


Hand piecing lesson on DVD

If you are like many quilters, English Paper Piecing is just too slow and difficult.

Everything you need to know about hand piecing with a running stitch is on the Quilted Diamonds 2 DVD. It can set you free! Hand piecing should be relaxing and simple whether you are sewing hexagons for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses or pentagons and diamonds for Passacaglia (Millefiori Quilts). Come take a private 2 hour lesson with me!

Introduction to Inklingo

Introduction to Inklingo
This short video explains how Inklingo works.

If you love a portable project but would like to make better quilts in less time, try Inklingo. There’s even a free collection to get you started.

New to Inklingo?    GETTING STARTED

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