Free Storm At Sea Quilt Book

I am thrilled to announce that the Storm At Sea Design Book and 5 new Inklingo Shape Collections are ready. The design book (download, 80 pages, $20 value) is free, at least for now. It is a great resource for quilters and professional pattern designers.

I must admit I was very excited when I realized how easy it is to sew these shapes, thanks to Inklingo’s precision corners.

Machine piecers love Storm At Sea with Inklingo. There is no need to trim after sewing, and the units are easier to sew together when all of the shapes are the perfect size with straight grain in all the right places. All of the corners on the triangles and diamonds match perfectly, so you probably won’t even need to pin. If you do pin, there are perfect matches.

Print the shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer. The ultra-fine lines use colors of ink that do not show in the finished quilt

• straight grain
• perfect shapes
• precision corners
• matches for easy pinning
• crosshairs to mark the seam endings

Cutting and sewing along a line goes back to the roots of our craft.

In the past twenty years, Storm At Sea has required weird rulers/templates or sewing through paper because the diamond is 53.5 degrees, and not many of us are good at that kind of measuring. Some quilters insist on sewing fabric, not backwards through paper, so this design has more appeal with Inklingo. No more paper to pick off. Perfect straight grain. It couldn’t be simpler. Plus, the triangles and squares are extremely versatile for other designs, like Square in a Square, Flying Geese, and more.

18 Storm At Sea Settings

As you can see in the Quilt Show, some of my favorite Storm At Sea quilts use more than one size, so there are 5 Inklingo collections to mix and match.

There are many design options with Storm At Sea, but at first glance, you may wonder why 6.75 inches? In fact, it is a very useful size.

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville used this size of Storm At Sea to sash 4.5 inch blocks in her version of the Jane Stickle quilt, “In The Pink,” and Bonnie gave me permission to use her quilt as an example. Also, 6.75 is 75% of 9.0. All Inklingo Storm at Sea sizes are compatible with each other.

You probably need to glance through the Storm At Sea Design Book to understand all of the benefits. I won’t repeat all 80 pages here.

If the Storm At Sea Design Book doesn’t convince you that all you need is an Inklingo download to make a better, faster, easier Storm At Sea, I don’t know what will. Monkey and I both hope you enjoy this design as much as we do.

Linda & Monkey

7 thoughts on “Free Storm At Sea Quilt Book”

  1. I am 86 and live I n Canada.
    Love your storm at sea patterns and the snale patterns. Would love your collection book of patterns.
    I am from Nova Scotia, I love the Ocean.
    I want to make this quilt a lap quilt for me. Barb T.

  2. Wow….Linda, this is just wonderful, and I love them. This collection is awesome….and will be getting this very soon. I have had my mom to care for….and things seem to be getting a bit back to normal .She is 80, and broke her ankle and leg….. I am missing working on my blocks…yet please know I will be back to make more and show them as well. I brought them to work on yet the situation had been more difficult than I thought it would be. I will be back though! Miss everyone! Very soon here. Hugs Morgan

  3. This may be the design that finally makes me sit down and get familiar with the sewing machine. Doing a block by hand made me appreciate just how quick it would be to at least put the units for each row together by machine.
    The collections are brilliant!


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