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Squares 00B



Inklingo SQUARES 00B - 12 SIZES

System Requirements
Print shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer.

Shapes included

This Inklingo PDF has 12 sizes of hard-to-measure squares. Please see the Index of Shapes for squares in other shape collections.

Square in a Square

The sizes were chosen to use with the 12 sizes of triangles in Inklingo HST 00B to make Square in a Square blocks in 12 sizes. They also work with 8 sizes of triangles in Inklingo QST 00B to make borders.

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF) 

  • shapes to print on fabric
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • includes instructions for "Layer to Cut" for minimal printing
  • precision corners and matching marks for great results
  • perfect for fussy cutting
  • ideal for scrap quilts and some sizes fit on Jelly Rolls (2.5 inch strips)
  • see quilt layouts using these squares on the All About Inklingo blog


Love the lines. Quilt more!

We do the math and measuring. You sew!

All Inklingo shapes are named with the finished size (i.e. minus the seam allowances).

Squares with QST for border

Be sure to get the free Triangle Tips PDF (under the Machine Piecing tab), because these squares are usually used with triangles.

Broken Sash 

Broken Sash (Beyer 61-2)

Block = Square   + 4 HST        

1.0 inch  0.71   0.5
1.25       0.88   0.625
1.5         1.06   0.75
2.0         1.41   1.0
2.5         1.77   1.25
3.0         2.12   1.5
3.5         2.47   1.75
4.0         2.83    2.0
4.5         3.18   2.25
5.0         3.53   2.5
5.5         3.89    2.75
6.0         4.24   3.0  

Mady by Muriel Joly in France for Nina

"This is a carpet I did with Inklingo squares. 4.24 on the upper side and 3.53 on the lower side. It's for my little daughter Nina who is 9 month old and love lively colors. I never imagine to do it without Inklingo." - Muriel in France

Why quilters love Inklingo squares

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