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Willyne Hammerstein

Joie de Vivre
Willyne Hammerstein






System Requirements
Print shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer.

Joie de vivre quilt by Willyne Hammerstein

I have not created a shape collection for Joie de Vivre but the shapes are available. TWO shape collections are required.

Joie de vivre quilt detail

Willyne\'s exuberant design only uses 3 shapes, so you might already have the two popular shape collections you need to make it.

There is a choice of sizes using the kite shape A from Fiesta Gitana.

Slightly smaller than the original with these two shape collections:

templates for Joie de Vivre quilt

Fiesta Gitana 100% 

Storm At Sea 4.5 inch

OR slightly larger than the original with these two shape collections:

templates for larger Joie de Vivre quilt

Fiesta Gitana 150%

Storm At Sea 6.75 inch (add to cart on this page)

(In the original quilt, the long measurement on the kite is 2 inches.)

IMPORTANT I had to choose one shape collection for this page, so I chose the larger Storm At Sea shape collection because it includes so many versatile shapes plus you get the design book. You will need to order Fiesta Gitana 150% too, if you don\'t have it already.

Joie de Vivre quilt detail by Willyne Hammerstein

These stars are fabulous.

Millefiori Quilts 4 by Willyne Hammerstein

Detailed diagrams for assembling the quilt top are in Willyne’s Millefiori Quilts 4 book (fourth book).

Detail of Joie de Vivre quilt Millefiori Quilts 4

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Quilted Diamonds 2 hand piecing lesson

The two-hour hand piecing lesson in Quilted Diamonds 2 is like taking a private lesson from me. 


The brilliance of Willyne’s design is in the way she used the shapes to create interlocking designs. She teaches hand piecing with a running stitch.
It is NOT necessary to use EPP unless that is the method you prefer. 

It is much easier to print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo and sew with a running stitch. 

Close-up of Joie de Vivre quilt Willyne Hammerstein

On the other hand, there are 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for EPP if that is the method you prefer.

IMPORTANT  If you are new to Inklingo, please start on the Main Beginner\'s Page (free shape collection and video).

See the video and all the other shape collections too!

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