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Templates to print on fabric or paper for the Feathered Star quilts.

Print hundreds of shapes on fabric (or on paper for templates) in a few minutes and sew Feathered Star by hand or by machine! VIDEO below!


Feathered Star is not just for experts anymore! Thanks to Inklingo, you can make a stunning block and benefit from three Inklingo innovations:

  • an easy, precise way of sewing hundreds of triangles into feathers by printing only one of the fabrics
  • a simple pressing guide to check accuracy and give you confidence
  • unprecedented design choices because you can use any 4.5 , 6, or 9 inch block in the center! (See below.)

Inklingo Feathered Star

Feathered Star is one of the designs most requested by Inklingo quilters. They know that using a traditional Feathered Star Quilt pattern is not as precise, simple and fast. They recognize that having the cutting lines, stitching lines, matching marks, and crosshairs printed on the fabric is the simplest and best way to make complicated designs.

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Design books have the "how to."
Downloadable Shapes are the shapes to print on fabric.

A Feathered Star quilt pattern from Inklingo is a smart approach to making this wonderful traditional design.

The Feathered Star Design Book (half price or free) will help you sew these wonderful blocks, whether you are following a traditional pattern or creating your own design. It is an amazing resource for professional pattern designers too. If you buy the design book first ($10), the payment is credited when you buy the shapes  (details).

See why quilters love Inklingo for Feathered Star.

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Feathered Star 15 Inch
Downloadable Shapes

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Feathered Star 20 inch
Downloadable Shapes

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Feathered Star 30 Inch
Downloadable Shapes

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Feathered Star Design Book
Downloadable Book
$20.00 10.00

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The Inklingo Handbook
Autographed Book

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The Inklingo Handbook (bound)
Autographed Book

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FREE Diamond Triangle Square
Downloadable Shapes
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Guided Tour
Downloadable Pattern
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Why Quilters Love Inklingo for Feathered Star

Simple method of sewing feathers

1. Simple method for sewing hundreds of triangles into feathers

Print triangles on one fabric, layer with unprinted fabric, stitch, and cut. No tricky bias to manage!

Innovative pressing guides

2. Innovative pressing guides for precise results

The pressing guides will give you confidence and improve your accuracy.

Feathered Star center variations

3. Design choices

In addition to several different shapes for centers you can use any other 4.5, 6.0, or 9.0 inch block!

4. The Inklingo Feathered Star Design Book

This PDF (85 pages) includes everything you need to know to design and sew your Feathered Stars. Don't miss the 80-second video!

Designs by Ronda of Momma Made This


Traditional Feathered Star blocks often finish with odd sizes like 27.5 inches, 21.75 inches, or 18.5 inches, because designers draft the feathers first to make the small feather triangles easy to measure. This makes sense because there are so many feathers compared to the other shapes, but it is different from the normal approach of drafting for a specific finished block size.

The strange sizes are not a problem when Feathered Star blocks are set together, or when they serve as a medallion for a larger quilt.


Since Inklingo quilters do not have to measure the feathers to cut them, Inklingo makes a great new approach possible.

Feathered Star center variation Use any 4.5, 6, or 9 inch block!

My objective is to allow quilters to use any standard blocks in the center (e.g. 4.5 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch) to give maximum design flexibility (red box above).

I worked from the center to the outside, instead of starting with the feathers or drafting for a specific finished size. For example:
Center Square Feathered Star
4.5 15 inch (14.72)
6.0 20 inch (19.63)
9.0 30 inch (29.45)

The 15 inch Feathered Star is compatible with the shapes in the free collection too!

Feathered Star

Carole in New York fussy cut the center of this gorgeous, lacy Feathered Star. Carole wrote:
"I love this pattern and the way it went together with such ease, like a dream. I would never have attempted this had it not been for Inklingo."


Print Feathered Star shapes on fabric

We love Feathered Stars at our house, and we think you will too because when you print the shapes on fabric:


  • The preparation is faster and more precise.
  • You have a choice of layouts to use fabric efficiently.
  • You can fussy cut.
  • You have lines to cut along. (No templates! No measuring!)
  • You have a line to sew along.
  • You have detailed pressing diagrams and a unique pressing guide!



You might be surprised that making one can be condensed into 80 seconds. That's seconds, not minutes.

The printing, cutting, sewing and pressing whiz past very quickly in the video, but don't worry! The Feathered Star Design Book includes detailed instructions for designing, sewing, and pressing your Feathered Star Quilt and it is free when you buy the shapes to print on fabric ($20 value).

There are also photos of Feathered Star quilts and articles on the All About Inklingo blog.

IMPORTANT  If you are new to Inklingo, I recommend starting with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

It includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook. With that and the Top Ten Tutes on the blog, you will be an expert in no time!

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