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San Kamon





System Requirements
Print shapes on fabric with any ordinary Inkjet printer.


San Kamon Cherry Blossom

This Inklingo PDF includes layouts to print on fabric.

San Kamon

There are back-basting layouts which give perfect positioning with scraps—without printing the shapes or using templates!

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF)

  • all of the shapes to print on fabric for back-basting
  • skip the tracing, skip the light box, skip the markers!
  • get great results by hand or by machine with lines printed on the fabric
  • shop your stash for scraps
  • complimentary printing instructions with everything you need to print the size you want

Appliqué Printing Instructions Appliqué Printing Instructions FREE

This additional free Inklingo PDF teaches how to use the print dialog box to print San Kamon in the sizes you want.

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Scarlett Rose’s San Kamon pattern includes

  • fabric requirements for a 17 x 37 inch wall hanging
  • notes for using fusible bias tape
  • notes for making bias tape for hand appliqué
  • notes for embroidery
  • the pattern does not include appliqué instructions but there are illustrations for assembling the quit top

It is available from Scarlett Rose. There is also a gallery of quilts on her site.

Scarlett Rose has allowed me to make these designs available in Inklingo format in order to eliminate the need to trace the pattern for San Kamon, and to allow you to choose your own size.

As Scarlett Rose says: For those of us who are using computers and the Internet, Inklingo is perfect. I really like having the wonderful choices it offers me in printing out the San Kamon knots. I've converted some quilters, helping them to discover the possibilities for applique and now for embroidery. I try to enlighten the students to new options.

San Kamon Gallery of Quilts

Click on the quilt to see a gallery of designs.

Please tell your favorite designers and their publishers and magazine editors that you want their designs to be inklingoable!

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