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New hardcover book April 2021

Winding Ways - Quilting the Inklingo Way

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NEW Joseph's Coat Designs

This short video (only 7 minutes) illustrates some of the design possibilities with the new Joseph’s Coat 4 inch shape collection. The info is useful for other Inklingo shape collections too.

More info on the blog.



Live Inklingo Video 08


Watch the eighth LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

It's all about how to use freezer paper templates in situations when you cannot print on fabric.

There is also more info in the Top Ten Tutes on the blog.


Live Inklingo Video 07

Watch the seventh LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

It's all about how to print and sew stars!


Inklingo Live Video 06

Watch the sixth LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

The video is about Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

The demonstrations include:

  • Diana Boston’s book, The Patchworks of Lucy Boston (limited quantities available in the Shop)
  • a tour of Lucy Boston’s POTC quilt, close up
  • demo showing how to get a fast start by chain piecing hexagons from crosshair to crosshair by machine
  • demo of hand piecing, including sewing kit and how to move from one seam to the next continuously
  • Patchwork of the Crosses variation
  • demo preparing the fabric sheets for printing
  • demo printing custom size
  • demo rotary cutting several layers at a time
  • demo English Paper Piecing Rescue, if you started with EPP but want to finish faster
  • demo using scraps of freezer paper and scraps of fabric
  • POTC quilts by Mary in Wisconsin, Kathy in Mexico, Fern in Singapore and Carol in Panama
  • my simplified variation of Patchwork of the Crosses
  • mini tour of the shape collection
  • mini tour of the website including the Main Lucy Boston Page (Shop)
  • mini tour of the blog, including the FREE EQ project files

We covered a lot!


Fifth LIVE Inklingo Video

Watch the fifth LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

  • how to sew LeMoyne Star and other 8-pointed stars
  • Lucky Stars design from Millefiori Quilts 3
  • tour of resources for stars on the All About Inklingo blog
  • demo sewing 8-pointed stars by machine
  • one-page guide for LeMoyne Stars
  • demo inset seams by machine
  • demo printing on fabric


Live Inklingo Video 01

Watch the first LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

  • demo ironing freezer paper to fabric
  • Raylene's Passacaglia, sewn with Inklingo
  • resources on the website, like the Index of Shapes and the Smart Shopper's Idea Book
  • printing Combo layouts for LeMoyne Stars
  • using freezer paper templates and Quilted Diamonds DVD
  • demo printing on fabric with the free shape collection
  • where to get the free shapes and the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook
  • demo bonus tips for freezer paper
  • the background of the name "Inklingo"


Live Inklingo Video 02

Watch the second LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

This video is all about hexagons!

  • demo printing two sheets of hexagons
  • hexagon quilts by Kathy in Mexico and Cathi at Quilt Obsession
  • demo rotary cutting hexagons two layers at a time
  • demo sewing hexagons by hand, including finger pincushion and quilter's knot
  • the difference between shape collections and design books
  • tour of the Hexagon Quilt Design Book (how to count hexagons, Monkey's cheat sheets), determining fabric requirements, using Inklingo with EQ software, sewing instructions for hand and machine
  • hybrid piecing of a hexagon flower
  • demo of continuous stitching
  • more hexagon designs
  • demo showing how to press hexagons
  • how to find hexagons on the website
  • how to get the free  Diamond Triangle Square shape collection (Main Beginner's Page)


Watch the third LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

The new Silent Garden shapes are used in the demos.

  • stars with No Waste Fussy Cutting in the new Silent Garden setting
  • demo printing on dark fabric
  • demo printing test pages (Top Ten Tutes)
  • demo versatile tip for using freezer paper template without seam allowances
  • demo rotary cutting to add seam allowances
  • demo continuous stitching of Silent Garden shapes
  • demo "circling the intersection" by hand
  • demo chain piecing by machine, sewing crosshair to crosshair
  • demo "hybrid piecing" combining hand and machine piecing for the best of both worlds
  • tour of the Silent Garden shape collection, including comparison of layouts, printing stripes, determining yardage requirements
  • two tips for fussy cutting and examples of fussy cutting on Quilt Obsession 


Inklingo Live Video 04

Watch the fourth LIVE Inklingo Video on the All About Inklingo blog.

The theme of this video is "simplicity" and how it relates to Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC).

  • new printing of Patchwork of the Crosses delivered!
  • Lucy Boston's enduring influence on me and other quilters, Diana Boston's book and her manor at Hemingford Grey
  • Smartlap Portable Desk for simple storage
  • simplified variation of POTC
  • demo with tips for simplifying quilting with freezer paper templates and only three acrylic rulers
  • using freezer paper templates for fussy cutting instead of acrylic templates
  • simple tips for avoiding jams 
  • demo simple method of sewing flying geese by machine


Inklingo has a YouTube Channel!

We are adding more Inklingo "mini-vids" as fast as we can.

If you enjoy our little movies, please click the "like" button on YouTube and tell a friend on Facebook or Yahoo.

Thank you!


POTC (Patchwork of the Crosses)

There are videos for POTC and hexagons on the Main Lucy Boston Page AND on the Main Hexagon Page.


Inklingo Celtic Solstice Clue 01 VIDEO

Inklingo includes even more quilters in Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery!



Click to view the video for Clue # 2.

When you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo, you do not need special rulers.


50 Double Wedding Ring Designs

50 Double Wedding Ring Designs is a popular video too!

There are many more videos on the website and the blog.



Diane Kirkhart and Ricky Tims

There is more about Inklingo on The Quilt Show with Diane Kirkhart & Ricky Tims on the blog. February 25, 2018



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