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Don't Print?

If you can get online easily, you might not want to print the Inklingo Index of Shapes at all, because when you view it online, all of the links are clickable. That makes it easy to find what you want, and you know you have the most up-to-date version.


If you DO want to print the Index of Shapes for your Inklingo binder, remember to print again when new shapes are added.

You have choices.

Option 1  Print the current PDF Version from this page.

Cathi Godwin has prepared a PDF version, which she updates whenever new shapes are added. Each page is dated at the bottom, so it is easy to be sure you have the most current version.

Print all of the pages, or just a few.


Option 2 Print the "printer friendly" version.

If you have printed from the web, you know that sometimes you get a huge number of pages, with only a bit of info on each page. When there is a "printer friendly" version, like the Index of Shapes, you can get better results.

You may find these tips helpful anytime you want to print from the Internet.

Example: to print the Index of Shapes for Shapes with Curves.

1. Go to https://www.inklingo.com/section/inklingo-curves/81

2. Click on the Printer Friendly version. 

3. RIGHT click somewhere in the margin of the page (not on an individual picture).

This brings up a "context sensitive" menu (a small dialog box), similar to this one.

Print Preview

4. Click on Print Preview in the dialog box. A new window will open.

Print Preview 100%

Somewhere in the window, it will show how many pages will print. (Mine is at the bottom of the window.) 

With the settings on my computer, it shows it will print on 5 pages, but when I look at each page, I see that the 5th page will only have a couple of lines. I don't want that!

(Depending on the settings on your computer, the Print Preview might show it will print on 3 pages or more than 5.)

5. Change the print options in the top menu bar of the Print Preview. There are several choices:

a. Change from 100% either to a smaller percent or to "shrink to fit" in order to reduce the number of pages.

Print Preview

b. Increase the percent to make the type larger and push more information onto page 5, making it more worthwhile.

c. Click "print" and choose to print only pages 1-4, if you don't think you will miss the bit on page 5. 

d. Click "print" and choose to print only one page, if that is all you need (e.g. page 2 only).



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