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How does Inklingo work?



Inklingo is not software. Inklingo files are big PDFs, so there is no software to install.

There is also no new software to learn! Open the PDF in Adobe Reader, find the page with the shapes in the color of ink that is best on a particular fabric, and print.

Inklingo works on PC and Mac. System Requirements

Inklingo files are downloadable, and that means GREEN, no shipping, no waiting, instant gratification.



There are Inklingo Shape Collections, Design Books, and Patterns.  

"Shape Collections" include pages of shapes to print on fabric. Some Shape Collections also include patterns and sewing instructions.

"Design Books" do not include shapes, but they have detailed, illustrated instructions for sewing by hand and by machine.  They also include worksheets. Design Books are free with the purchase of a related shape collection.

"Patterns" do not include shapes, but have detailed notes about sewing a particular quilt using Inklingo Shape Collections. Some also refer to the sewing instructions in the Design Books.



So many Inklingo titles are downloadable that we specify when there is a book-on-paper. Publishing has come a long way, baby!

Inklingo-related books-on-paper are

  • Inklingo Shape Collection # 3
    (book with CD of shapes)
  • The Inklingo Handbook
    (loose-leaf and bound versions)
  • Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery
  • Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses



Printing the shapes on fabric eliminates measuring and mistakes. It simplifies every step of the sewing.

Inklingo shapes 

  • are named with the finished size, so you don't have to do math.  Never add 7/8 or 1.25 again!
  • are laid out so there is appropriate straight grain
  • have  precision corners to eliminate dog ears
  • have matching marks and crosshairs to make it easier to align and pin the pieces accurately, and even sew insets by machine
  • have perfect seam allowances, usually 0.25 inch wide, but smaller or larger when appropriate
  • are also provided without seam allowances, to be printed on freezer paper or other template material, for special circumstances
  • are listed in the Index of Shapes on the web site (under the Support tab)
  • are grouped together in "Shape Collections" with other shapes which are commonly used together



In addition to the pages with layouts of shapes to print on fabric, Inklingo Shape Collections include

  • pages which describe the shape
  • ideas for using the shape
  • suggested custom page sizes which use the fabric efficiently
  • the number of shapes which can be cut from a yard of fabric



You don't have to draw anything! The shapes are laid out efficiently for you.

We usually print only part of a layout to get exactly the shapes we need—8 triangles, or 6 hexagons, whatever is required.

Despite the large number of pages in Inklingo PDFs, finding the layout you need is easy.

The shape layouts

  • are all drawn for you and arranged on pages (layouts) so there is straight grain on the appropriate edges and so it uses fabric efficiently
  • are 13 x 19 inches to give maximum flexibility but a wide format printer is not required. 
  • are provided 20 times, each one in a different color and line weight to show on almost any quilting fabric (The layouts are otherwise identical.)
  • are listed in the "bookmarks" in each PDF to allow you to go directly to the page you want without even knowing the page number.
  • are sometimes "combo layouts" with two or more shapes, so they can be printed together on the same fabric



Use the ink in your ordinary Inkjet printer. Special ink is not required.

At least one of the 20 Inklingo ink colors will show on almost any fabric.

The 20 different colors have been specially chosen because they are mixtures of Inkjet ink which are most likely to wash out of fabric.

There is a simple test procedure to determine which of the 20 colors of ink wash out when printed with your printer.

The test procedure MUST be done every time you insert a new ink cartridge, just in case the manufacturer has changed the formula. The test uses a small piece of fabric, about 5 x 5 inches. Most of the time, that fabric can even be washed and re-used in a quilt.

The test procedure is also useful to determine which color of ink will show well enough on the fabric but not shadow through to show on the front. Many Inklingoists get good at guessing which color to use, but they still ALWAYS do a test when they insert a new ink cartridge.

Inklingo uses very little ink because the lines are very fine.



It is safe to print on fabric. Hewlett Packard even published a book about it a few years ago. It will not harm your printer. People have been doing it for years.

Fabric prints just like paper when it is stabilized with freezer paper. 

Any ordinary Inkjet printer or all-in-one is suitable for Inklingo, with whatever ink it uses.


In "Inklingo," Ink is for Inkjet. Do not use Inklingo with a laser printer. It uses toner, not ink. By the way, "Inklingo" is Ink for Inkjet, Lin for Linda, Go for Fast/Portable—or Ink and Lingo, of course.  :-) 

A wide format printer is not required to print with Inklingo.

Any ordinary Inkjet printer allows you to print "Custom Page Sizes"  (i.e. not letter or legal size paper) just by entering the numbers in the print dialog box.  Minimum is 3 x 5 inches.

Once you learn a few simple things about printing on fabric, the procedure is the same no matter what shapes you are printing. 

By printing custom page sizes, you can use fabric very efficiently, sometimes even more efficiently than traditional methods. The fabric can even be cut smaller than the freezer paper. 

The first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook (48 pages) includes every possible detail about printing on fabric. It is a free download from many pages on the web site and is also included in the free Shape Collection for Diamonds, Triangles, and Squares.
There are some neat tricks for avoiding jams. Almost all jams are caused by the freezer paper separating from the fabric in the printer. If you follow the simple tips for ironing the freezer paper to the fabric, jams should be rare. 



Inklingo does not require specially treated fabric.

Inklingo uses fabric very efficiently--often more efficiently than traditional methods.
Inklingo is compatible with Jelly Rolls, Nickels, and scraps.

The fabric can be cut smaller than the freezer paper, and there are tips for saving fabric in the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook (free).

For each shape, Inklingo provides suggested custom page sizes which use the fabric efficiently, and the number of shapes which can be cut from a yard of fabric.

Monkey's Cheat Sheet is a great way to summarize fabric requirements even if the pattern you are using does not include any Inklingo information. As time goes on, more and more designers will provide this info for you, especially if you tell designers you want it!



Inklingo is a unique quilting tool in many ways—­it's patented, it's digital, it's downloadable, and it uses your ordinary Inkjet printer. Inklingo also has a different advertising philosophy. 

Instead of paying for expensive advertising, there is an affiliate program. It keeps prices low and it rewards quilters, designers, teachers, and shops instead of paper companies and corporations outside of the quilting industry.

Quilters will thank you for telling them about Inklingo because they can finish any design faster and get precise results more easily. Info for Affiliates


FOR QUILTERS From the beginning, the most enthusiastic sales people have been the quilters who use Inklingo. They love it, and they tell their friends about it. I want to reward them for their loyalty.

FOR DESIGNERS  Inklingo is probably the best opportunity for designers since the introduction of the rotary cutter. They can make more money than they can by selling traditional rulers, templates, and tools. They can also unleash their creativity by designing and selling patterns which are more difficult with traditional tools. 

FOR TEACHERS  Inklingo makes beginner classes more exciting to younger women, and opens the door to new classes for experienced quilters who want more complicated designs, without the work.

FOR SHOPS Shops can offer demos and classes for a new revenue stream, with no inventory costs! Inklingo quilters finish quilts faster, so they buy more fabric too.

FOR INKLINGO Of course, Inklingo also benefits from the Affiliate Program, because more quilters, designers, and shops learn about it.



The web site has grown too fast and there is so much information on it now that it can be hard to find your way around. Thank you for your patience.

Web Site

I am in the process of streamlining the navigation and clarifying each and every page.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please write to me. Your input will help me improve the web site.

In the meantime:

"Support & Goodies" is my favorite: Download instructions, FAQ, Index of Shapes, Quick Start Guide. . .   What's your pleasure? 

"Shop & Freebies" is where to go to order. There are "product groups" (directly under the shop menu) which I think of as the main pages. There are also individual "product pages" (in the sub-menu of the product groups). 

To order, please Add to Cart and then go to the top right of the window to to click on the red text View Cart/Checkout, and follow the screens.

To leave a review, please click on Reviews "by quilters for quilters" on every product page. 

There are answers to Frequently Asked Questions under the Support tab, but I am always happy to help. 



All About Inklingo

I love the blog because I can use photos and illustrations, which I cannot do in messages to the Inklingo Yahoo group. 

There is great stuff on the blog—video, lessons, inspirational quilts, and more. Best of all, the archives are searchable. Have fun with it.



This is a large, friendly, knowledgeable community of Inklingoists. 

Even if I am not immediately available, there is always someone online somewhere in the world who will help and inspire you. There are Inklingo quilters in at least 60 different countries now. 

Please join us online!



Inklingo is so innovative that it has been issued a patent. It is not quite an overnight success, but a lot has happened in the first few years, and it is enjoyed by quilters all over the world.


Submitted Patent Application
Started the Inklingo Yahoo Group
Published Inklingo Shape Collection # 1 CD  (Hexagons)
Published Inklingo Shape Collection # 2 CD  (Triangles)


Published Inklingo Shape Collection # 3  Book with CD
There was also a lot going on behind the scenes.


Published The Inklingo Handbook (loose-leaf version)
Published the first 4 downloadable Inklingo Shape Collections, including the first FREE downloadable Shape Collection


Published three "books on paper" (Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery, Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses, The Inklingo Handbook again)
Published 20 downloadable Shape Collections
Introduced the All About Inklingo Blog


Patent Granted
Introduced the Inklingo Affiliate Program
Published 32 new downloadable titles (Shape Collections and Design Books), including the first three for appliqué


Published 22 new downloadable titles (Shape Collections and Design Books)
Published the Smart Shopper's Idea Book
Updated the entire website (again), including all of the product pages
Revised all of the shape collections to be compatible with updates to Adobe Reader
Announced the "Love the Lines" Contest in cooperation with Electric Quilt and Northcott Fabric

2011 - 2014 Oooops. We have published so many new books and downlaods that we don't seem to have found time to update this page! There is a complete list of titles under the Shop menu.



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