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Tips for Inklingo Affiliates

If you enjoy using Inklingo yourself, you will be a better Affiliate, and will get better results.

Inklingo Button

When you believe in a product, it doesn't feel like selling, and the quilters you introduce to Inklingo will thank you for telling them about it. Everybody wins.

If you are not familiar with Inklingo yet, it is easy to get started.  Quick Start Guide

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A short, personalized email is usually best. Remember to include a link with your Affiliate Code in the message, referring quilters to Inklingo.com.

Click here to create links.

Most quilting groups have rules about advertising. You could be banned from the group (or become unwelcome), especially if you are not already known to the group. Some groups allow advertising on one day of the month. Be sure to follow the rules!

If you participate in a quilting group, and write about the particular quilt you are making, it may start a discussion about the method you are using.

Dresden Plate

For example, if you post photos of your Inklingo Dresden Plate blocks, other quilters may ask you how you are making them, and that gives you an opening. Blatant advertising is not generally effective, especially if you are not someone who normally participates in the group.

If you post regularly and contribute useful information, you will develop a good reputation, and your recommendations are more likely to be trusted.

Remember that every message you write does not have to be sent to the whole group. Write privately to quilters who express an interest in your Inklingo comments.

Most groups will allow one link with your signature. Including more than three different links can look pushy.

It is just common sense to treat other quilters in the way you would want to be treated yourself. Always use good "netiquette."

Please participate in the Inklingo Yahoo group and share photos there when you can. You may include your Affiliate links, but since you earn credit for NEW customers for Inklingo, you will probably not get many referrals there. They are already sold on it!



If you have a blog, adding Inklingo buttons is a good way to start.

Inklingo Button 

You may decide to link to the Inklingo Quick Start page, or to a specific Inklingo shape collection, or to a product group like Triangles or Shapes with Curves.

Clamshell Button

For example, if you are making a Clamshell quilt, or promoting your Clamshell Quilt Pattern, you can link directly to that page, or to the product group Shapes with Curves.

In addition to including links in your new messages, you can revise previous messages to add links.

Click here to create links.



You can embed a coded link in the body of your Wordpress message.

1. Create an HTML link with your affiliate code. Copy it.
2. Switch from Visual to HTML view in Wordpress.
3. Click "Code" and paste the link into the message.
4. Save the draft.
5. Switch from HTML to Visual view, and check the link.



Let your friends and followers know about the advantages of Inklingo, and provide them with your coded link.

Are you on Facebook?

If the link is too long for Twitter, try using a URL-shortening service like tinyurl.com and others.



A great way to promote Inklingo is to write a review of Inklingo for your blog, or interview another Inklingo quilter and show photos of her quilts on your blog.

Look at interviews and reviews online to see how it is done. Interviews are often done with a Q and A format. Short answers with pictures are more likely to be read!



Teaching an Inklingo class is just like teaching any other class.

You should have a computer at the first class, and be prepared to demonstrate printing with Inklingo, but the quilters can do their printing as homework for the second class.

For a teacher, this is just like recommending any other quilting too. If you are teaching a Double Wedding Ring class, the requirements can include the Inklingo shape collection, in the same way you would have required traditional templates in the past. Give every student your Affiliate Code, and if they are new customers, you will receive credit for everything they purchase from Inklingo for the next 30 days!



In-person demonstrations of Inklingo are a wonderful way to promote your Affiliate links. This can be done by individual quilters at guild meetings and shows, and by teachers and shops.

You can put your Affiliate Code on coupons and handouts. If a quilter enters your code when she places her first order on inklingo.com (free items or paid items), you receive credit on that sale (if paid), and any other orders for the next 30 days.

There are several items under the Support tab which you can use in Demos, including Demo Notes, a Flip Chart, and Demo Handouts.

If you contact me in advance, I will do my best to help with tips or handouts.



When you post a photo of your quilt on your web site or blog, you can embed a text link from that photo to the related shape collection.

Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language. - Walt Disney



It is a good idea to check every link you create to ensure that it has been copied and pasted correctly, especially if you are using a link shortening service.


If you have questions, or suggestions, please let me know.  I'm listening. 

Mail to Linda



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