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  • What should I do if I get a message that there is  a new version?
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    Revised September 2010

    4.5 inch LeMoyne Star
    Added 55 pages and changed the name to Inklingo Diamond Triangle Square FREE.
    See illustrated details and instructions on the All About Inklingo blog here.

    Inklingo Guided Tour
    Revised the references to page numbers to reflect changes in the free shape collection, added a few bookmarks.

    Revised documents April 2010

    The Double Wedding Ring Instruction Book was replaced with Double Wedding Ring Design Book  to include notes about the new Pickle Dish Shape Collections.

    Double Wedding Ring 12 inch was revised to remove the instructions which are now in the free DWR Design Book.

    These changes make the format of Double Wedding Ring consistent with Storm at Sea, Dresden Plate, and Winding Ways. 

    In other words, the shape collections include the Catalogue of Shapes and the shapes to print on fabric.  The free design books include all of the instructions, design notes, and worksheets. This is intended to make the instructions free for everyone, so it is easier to decide which shape collection is the right one for you, and to make downloading faster and easier.

    NOVEMBER 2011

    ALL Inklingo Shape Collections were updated. 

    Yin Yang: 2 New layouts added—a little bonus for you!

    New versions of the Inklingo downloads were required because of changes in technology. Since it was necessary to create new versions, I took this opportunity to make other minor changes (adding the Patent Number, making early descriptions consistent with newer ones, etc.) and it allowed me to make the download method simpler. 

  • How do I check to see whether I have the latest version of an Inklingo file?
  • How do I get the newest version of an Inklingo file?

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