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  • How do I open QD1 files in Electric Quilt EQ5?

    To open the QD1 CD files in EQ5 please go to

    When I made the QD1 CD, EQ5 was not released yet, so the files are in EQ4 format, and the installation is very slightly different from the instructions provided in the booklet.

    To save all of the files of Quilted Diamonds on your hard drive at once (recommended), please follow the instructions on page 9 of your Quilted Diamonds CD booklet.

    The ONLY difference from EQ4 is that when you open EQ5 and select a QD file for the first time, you must indicate "FILES OF TYPE" to be EQ4. Once you have opened them and saved each file individually, they are EQ5 files with the extension .pj5 instead of .pj4.

    I hope you will try that first, but I will also copy a letter I wrote to the list when I first got EQ5 (below), in case you would like the point of view of Emma Woodhouse, the heroine of Emma. You will not "transfer or copy the contents of the folder to Electric Quilt." You will open EQ and open the files from EQ.

    SUBJECT  Emma opens files in the QD EQ CD; Mr. Knightley is skeptical.

    Dear QD Friends/Freinds!

    EQ5 is living on my computer! "She was now in an exquisite flutter of happiness."(1) There are so many new features it is hard to imagine how anyone could ever learn them all, but we can have fun trying. "Time, she knew, must be allowed for this being thoroughly done."(2).

    Aha! I will read the manual and do all of the lessons Penny McMorris prepared for us in the Getting Started Book. I suspect Emma and Harriet would PLAN to read the book, but end up just playing the Help Videos, which are so good that I can hardly blame them. If you haven't looked at any of the videos yet, it's time you did!

    According to Mr. Knightley, my hero, "Emma has been meaning to read more ever since she was twelve years old. I have seen a great many lists of her drawing up at various times of books that she meant to read regularly through--and very good list they were--very well chosen, and very neatly arranged--sometimes alphabetically, and sometimes by some other rule."(3)

    Emma's IMPORTANT NOTES about opening the Quilted Diamonds files in EQ5

    A. All Quilted Diamonds EQ files can be opened in EQ5.

    B. Since the QD diamonds were drawn in EQ4, they have a file extension of .pj4.

    C. To open .pj4 files in EQ5, you must indicate "FILES OF TYPE" as "EQ4" in the OPEN dialog box.

    D. When you open each of the files (QD 001-030.pj4, QD 031--060.pj4, etc.) in EQ5 and save them, they will have the EQ5 file extension .pj5 and are EQ5 files. This is the same for all of your other EQ4 project files.

    E. "All the rest, in speculation at least, was perfectly smooth."(4).

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to me at  , and I will answer as quickly as possible. "It was a plan to promote the happiness of all."(5).

    (1) Emma, Ch. 50
    (2) Emma, Ch. 17
    (3) Emma, Ch. 5
    (4) Emma, Ch. 29
    (5) Emma, Ch. 53

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