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* * * * * by Nancy from Argyle on 02/28/2011
I used to go out and buy mylar washers from the electrical department of our hardware store. I was so happy when K. Buckley came out with her mylar circle sets. I almost exclusively applique, so you can imagine all the years I have traced around circles...your new Inklingo Circles is a dream come true! Grapes and berries will be so fast and easy.
* * * * * by Mary . from Whitewater on 02/27/2011
Fabulous. I love sewing on circles and have two sets of the Perfect Circles, but found tracing the shapes tedious. Printing groups in one fell swoop is GREAT.
* * * * * by Cheryl from Tampa on 02/27/2011
I ordered the circles as soon as they were posted. Love them!!! I have been doing a lot of applique such as the Rose of Sharon designs and the Kim McLean patterns and these will be great with the Perfect Circles. Keep up the good work.
* * * * * by Bev from Simonton on 02/27/2011
I am just getting into applique and I snapped up this collection as soon as I saw it announced. This is much easier and more accurate than drawing around templates on fabric with pen/pencil/chalk over a sand board! The needle case and finger pincushion patterns are an added plus :-).
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 02/27/2011
This is a very useful and versatile collection, especially for appliqué-ers. It provides the quickest, easiest, most accurate and most economical way to prepare several circles from one fabric, compared to all other methods I know.
* * * * * by Charlsey from Fort Worth on 02/26/2011
Love the Circle collection. I am starting a new applique album quilt and have already printed out a sheet of berries for the project. I also used it to replace some berries on a UFO. Inklingo makes it a snap.
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 02/24/2011
These are so incredibly useful for so many different things. The explanation of how to make perfect circles using Inklingo along with Perfect Circles is easy to understand. I see berries in my future!

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