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* * * * * by Nancy from North Manchester IN on 04/09/2015
When you buy a product from Linda, you get so much more than what you thought you were purchasing. I just ordered the Hexagon Quilt Design book during a free period and can't believe the information I am learning from this free book. She gives us so much more than just designs with a design book. She gives us so much more than just templates with a shape collection. She gives you a wealth of information that will give the long-time quilter or newbie so much information about design or material needed or anything you could possibly want to know (or didn't know you would want to know). The information is always presented in such a beautifully visual presentation and is such a joy as she shares her wealth of knowledge for so little cost. She really is the best friend for quilters as you feel she is right there encouraging you.
* * * * * by Karen from Austin TX on 08/08/2013
I can't begin to describe how fantastic Linda's e-books are. I spent last nite pouring over the 300 Pieced Hexagons and the Hexagon QUilt Design e-book. FANTASTIC! I am a longtime quilter and am familiar with the great "textbooks" of the Masters: Ginny Beyer's Quilt Piecing by Hand, Harriet Hargrave's Heirloom Machine Quilting, and Sally Collin's great treatises on Mastering Precision Piecing. Linda's books are in a league with these without doubt. Great illustrations, simple language, and very, VERY thorough. Everything you want to know about working with, or designing quilts with the hexagon shape—and more! I have several great ideas on paper already.
* * * * * by Sharon P from Le Mars IA on 11/20/2012
This book not only offers many designs, it is very well written. Everything is explained so well with many graphics. Instructions are given for every step of the process. No special rulers are needed which saves money and space.
* * * * by Theresa from Anchorage on 10/11/2010
I am very excited to try Inklingo once all our stuff arrives at our new home. I've read through all the instructions and it sounds like a great product. There are two reasons I didn't give it 5 stars: 1)I haven't got to actually print and sew the shapes since we moved. 2)I find the arguments against English paper piecing to be condescending. If that works for someone and they like it why make them feel stupid?
* * * * * by Sue from Macedon NY on 10/08/2010
Inklingo Hexagon shapes make hand piecing a joy. Every seam turns out perfectly accurate. With all of the information available, you cannot go wrong. Try it - you'll like it.
* * * * * by Bruce from Minneapolis on 10/07/2010
Linda and Monkey make hand piecing easy and fun. The shapes print out perfectly everytime. The directions are clear and easy to follow. Diagrams and pictures are spot on.
* * * * * by Peggy S in Spokane from on 10/03/2010
Great book. It is so nice to have a book to go along with all the hexagon programs. Beautiful quilt projects in it too!! Peggy S
* * * * * by Lois from Springfield on 09/27/2010
I love hexagons and this book was so a pleasure to sit down and read and more ideas than you can imagine pop in my head. I really like Inklingo and have the first 3 collections. I had a quick project the other day and debated about using Inklingo or another, much slower method. I did not need a lot only 38 for pin cushion. I decided on Inklingo and had a variety printed out and ready to go in much, much less time than another method and sewing together was a breeze and accurate and finish is much more appealing to me than the whip stitch method. Love the ease and whole finshed work. Book is put together in such a way that information is great and eye candy and ideas abound. Lois
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 09/25/2010
Wonderful book! No need to ever buy another hexagon quilt book if you have this, because it makes it so easy to plan and execute your own designs. This is helpful for making hexagon quilts with any method. Read more about what you can find in Inklingo design books on my blog http://stofgenoeg.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/free-quilt-design-books/

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