60° Hexagon
0.75 inch

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* * * * * by Joan from Leschenault Western Australia on 10/04/2010
After cutting and planning my Insanity quilt with the .5" hexagons, I just couldnt resist this size too. I have cut out an 'Almost Insane' quilt with the .75" hexagons. That too is sitting ready and waiting for me to do more diamonds. I have quite a few also completed. ALL the printing and cutting out has been done, and its not at all difficult to put the pieces together. I would NEVER have done this without Inklingo.
* * * * * by Judy M in Ormond Beach from on 10/02/2010
While working on a kingsize "Insanity" quilt (using 3/4" hexes), I spilled some red wine on it. Deciding that waiting another year before it was finished before washing was not an option, I "gently" machine washed the unfinshed top. The wine came out along with all the printing! Joining new patches is not a problem as the new patches still are marked after more than a year since I printed them. Thanks, Linda for a superb product.
* * * * * by Anne from South Boston, VA on 09/28/2010
These are so cute when they are stitched together, and Inklingo makes it super quick and accurate, I'm all thumbs at hand piecing, but this was easy and painless by machine!

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