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* * * * * by Jeannette from Walsenburg, CO on 11/21/2012
Even though I was using 4.5" charms to work on my clamshells I found that using Inklingo to print templates gave excellent cutting and sewing lines. My curves came out elegantly and smoothly. Impressive!
* * * * * by Irene O from Babenhausen on 10/07/2010
Sewing calmshells with Inklingo is precise, easyily and quickly. I love it. Thank you Linda.
* * * * * by Theresa from Chorley, England on 10/06/2010
I can not believe how easy these are to piece together. Being inexperienced at piecing together curved shapes I was rather nervous of this collection - I need not have been though. The directions are clear and the clamshells go together so easily and quickly.
* * * * * by Karen from Jacksonville on 10/06/2010
Clamshells steal my heart! I never could have imagined making a clamshell piece without inklingo. You mean there is another way? I was approached in the Drs office waiting room by a woman that was in awe of my work. I hated to admit it was so simple. And fun! I'm thinking of starting another. I love the fact that the worksheets allow YOU TO PLAN exactly what you want, too. It's just right here. Perfect!
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 09/28/2010
I find these clamshells very inspiring. Very handy that this collection goes with a collection with fitting edges! I have made a few EQ designs which use both clamshells and clamshell edges. You can find pictures on my blog
* * * * * by Peggy from Naples, FL on 09/22/2010
I love clamshells but I never would have attempted to make a clamshell quilt until I met Inklingo. The pieces go together really precise and so easy with the matching points to guide me. Thanks, Linda

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