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* * * * * by Beth from Qualicum, B.C. on 11/22/2012
There is so much you can do with this collection it is hard to choose where to start. Having the cutting and sewing lines printed directly onto fabric is wonderful and I love it. The only problem is that now that I have tried Inklingo I am spoilt and want all the other collections too!!!
* * * * * by Teresa W from Homer Glen IL on 11/22/2012
I just love putting these stars together! it is so satisfying and relaxing and perfect!
* * * * * by Nancy from North Manchester, Indiana on 11/14/2012
Only recently have I fully dedicated myself to using my Inklingo pieces printed from the Free Diamond/Triangles/Square collection. So wonderful to just print out the pieces, cut, and BEGIN sewing so QUICKLY! Why did I wait so long to try something I now carry around with me everywhere. No more making templates, tracing, cutting, sewing, OOPS! not quite right, back to the drawing board. Now, each and every time, the pieces are accurate, the sewing line perfect, and the bits of time here and there quickly add up to finished blocks. Sew as quickly or as slowly as you like; there is not much else to slow you down. So much more time to spend handpiecing and I do enjoy handpiecing. Why did I wait so long? Nancy
* * * * * by Lynn from Newmarket on 10/10/2010
WOWWWWWWWWW! Linda, you are so generous. Thanks so much.
* * * * * by Kay from Swanton VT on 10/10/2010
This a wonderful collection! So many design possibilities! I can't believe it's free. I've only just begun using it, but there's no stopping me now.
* * * * * by Leslie McS from Harrington on 10/10/2010
I had been looking at Inklingo for a while and when the free collection came out it was just the temptation I needed to get started printing on fabric. The pieces go together so easily and with none of the marking that used to drive me crazy.
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 10/09/2010
What a generous freebie this is! I've used it for quilt blocks (LeMoyne especially), pin cushions, puzzle balls/baby toys, etc., etc. I love the accuracy of Inklingo--what an easy way to get perfect seams! Can't get more accurate than stitching lines and matching points!
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 10/09/2010
This collection contains shapes that can be combined in SO many different ways! The layout sheets are a great tool when designing a quilt and all the pictures of quilts made with the shapes in this collection are fabulous inspiration!
* * * * * by Barb from Hurst, TX on 10/09/2010
This totally FREE collecion is spectacular! The design ideas alone are so inspiring. So very versatile - it could keep me busy with quilts for years to come! Since Linda added the extra pages of designs and a quilt gallery too - it is to die for! Buy it NOW! WAIT! It's FREE!
* * * * * by Irene from Babenhausen on 10/08/2010
I enjoy handpiecing with Inklingo. It'so easy and everything fits together perfectly. I love it!
* * * * * by Val from Pembroke Ontario on 10/08/2010
Inklingo is a masterpiece. It allows you prepare quilt pieces for hand or machine piecing in minutes and you are ready to go. Everything fits perfectly. Its the most important tool in my quilting room.
* * * * * by Kathy from Lexington Park on 10/07/2010
Love the size of this LeMoyne Star. I enjoy handpiecing and Inklingo makes it so easy to accomplish perfect blocks.
* * * * * by Sue from Wytheville on 10/07/2010
This is a great start to Inklingo product. Please download and start enjoying the freedom of quilting. The hard work is done for you. I am making my stars out of Jo Morton fabrics and I am loving them. Thanks Linda for such a great product. My next set is going to be the Storm at Sea. I want to make that for my husband.
* * * * * by Kari L from Hanover on 10/07/2010
An excellent introduction to this technique. Thanks for giving everyone a wonderful way to sample this idea!
* * * * * by Glenda B from Tomah on 10/06/2010
This was the first pattern that I tried with Inklingo. How easy it was! I am introducing my daughter to the Inklingo method. Thank you.
* * * * * by Peggy S in Spokane from on 10/03/2010
This is the only way I will make a LeMoyne star block anymore.So much easier then with the traditional way. PeggyS
* * * * * by Judy M in Ormond Beach from on 10/02/2010
In making my DGS's quilt, I wanted perfectly pieced stars. After one false start tring to machine piece, I converted to printing the stars and hand piecing them. The Quilt won a First Place ribbonm and the comments included "Wonderful Piecing". Thanks, Linda
* * * * * by Barbara from Asheville, NC on 10/02/2010
I had heard about Inklingo on e-mail lists. I took a hand piecing class and loved it so decided to try Inklingo. I started with the FREE LeMoyne star. You can do so many things just with that!! I have bought a book and several shapes since then - and usually Linda has a free design book for a new shape. They are very inspiring.
* * * * * by Cathy from Wilmington on 10/02/2010
I was thrilled at how accurate and perfect this Lemoyne star came out the first time I made it! I think the 6-inch star is going to be my next purchase!
* * * * * by Maryam from Hesston Kansas on 09/27/2010
What a great way to get started using the Inklingo system! Now I use these shapes wherever I can so I can have the perfect points I always dreamed of! I am a machine piecer, and I wanted to let you all know that Inklingo makes it even easier for me! Being a part of the Yahoo group has also been a great help. The members are very helpful whenever somebody has a question, no matter how small or trivial you may think it is.
* * * * * by Jeannette from Adelaide Australia on 09/27/2010
With Inklingo everything matches perfectly.I started quilting in 1992 and never attempted inset angles,curves or hexagons until I started using Inklingo.Now no pattern is off limits.It's the best and easiest system on the market.I love it.
* * * * * by Claudia from Guadalajara, Spain on 09/26/2010
This takes the hard out of matching points! Guarantees perfection. I've stopped using any other technique!
* * * * * by Joan Cumming from Leschenault West Australia on 09/25/2010
The LeMoyne star was my first Inklingo project that I tried. I was hooked from the start, and now have most collections.. I know there is no better way to do piecing than this. Everything fits together perfectly and its a joy to join the peicers together.The group is the most wonderful and helpful group of people I have known on the internet. You get encouragement at every step. step. Inklingo is the best! http://joanatleschenault.blogspot.com/
* * * * * by Esther from Leland NC on 09/21/2010
Very easy to make this using the Inklingo method. I recommend this for anyone who wants to give hand-piecing a try. All of Linda's patterns are simple to print out and stitch. And if you get stuck, just contact Linda, and she is more than willing to help you. I love Inklingo.
* * * * * by Salliejean H in Elburn from on 09/21/2010
I am getting as dependent on my Inklingo shapes as I am my rotary cutter. Thank you Linda and Monkey for this amazing, easy to use tool.
* * * * * by Cyn; -) from San Diego on 09/21/2010
PERFECT! That is what my first star is... just went together perfect. I sure am proud of the perfect center, but all I had to do was sew on the line... couldn't be easier. Thank you thank you, Linda and Monkey. I will forever after always be an Inklingoist! Inklingo is a quilter's best friend!
* * * * * by Charlsey from Fort Worth on 09/20/2010
Absolutely the best piecing technique on the market today. This was my first Inklingo product - After all it was free! I wouldn't consider piecing another way. The instructions are simple to follow and you need very few tools - freezer paper, printer and fabric! The group is very helpful too. I would highly recommend this to beginner quilters through expert. Designers will love it too.

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