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* * * * * by Simone M from Diamond Creek ,VIC Australia on 11/19/2012
The book has so many different designs that you can do then your mind can take it further. Husband has a quilt planned for me to make out of this one.
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 10/09/2010
This book is a definite must-have for anyone making Storm at Sea! The instructions and tips on construction of the blocks are extremely valuable!
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 10/09/2010
I love Storm at Sea blocks and thought I knew quite a bit about them. Nope, Linda showed me in this Design Book that I still had much to learn! What an amazing number of possible designs (other than the 'traditional' setting) that Linda details in this Design Book.
* * * * * by Sue H. from Macedon on 10/07/2010
I love Inklingo and have the Storm at Sea collection. Inklingo makes any quilt a breeze! So very accurate.
* * * * * by from Toronto on 10/06/2010
This book gives you everything you need to successfully make a beautiful Storm at Sea quilt.
* * * * * by Mary C in Rantoul from on 09/27/2010
I'm not a piecer at heart but this book helped me so much. Linda gives great instructions that even a beginner will feel like a pro in no time. Thank you Linda, for sharing your talents with us. Hugs, Gypsy
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 09/25/2010
If you plan on (ever) making a Storm at Sea quilt, you definitely need this book. It will give you all information you could possibly want to plan, sew and finish your own Storm at Sea quilt. You can read more on what to expact in all Inklingo Design Books on my blog

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