Winding Ways
6 inch

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6 inch

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* * * * * by Emily from Arlington TX on 11/18/2012
Not only does this collection include all the wonderful matching points you expect with Inklingo, it also has a FANTASTIC one page sheet that explains stitching and pressing order. This invaluable sheet guarantees success with the tricky pieces in this block. Love it!
* * * * * by Beth from Qualicum, B.C. on 11/18/2012
This block always fascinated me but I figured I would never be able to piece it. After discovering Inklingo I couldn't resist any longer and signed up for an on-line "Wheel of Mystery" class I kept looking at. I knew I would be able to piece the block if I used Inklingo. While the teacher provided templates for a 7 1/2 inch block I decided a little smaller block would be just fine for my quilt and ordered the 6" collection. I had my shapes printed off and was sewing long before the rest of the class were finished tracing their pieces. LOVE those sewing lines printed right onto my fabric. They made piecing this block very easy!!!
* * * * * by Barbara from Asheville, NC on 10/02/2010
This is a block I was NEVER able to piece before, but with Inklingo I machine-pieced a perfect block!! The sewing lines on the fabric and instructions in the book made that possible.

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6 inch

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6 inch