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* * * * * by Charlsey from Fort Worth TX on 11/19/2012
Another project made easy with Inklingo. The printed stitching lines and matching points make this another must have collection for any quilter who wants to move up from an average to advanced quilter with ease and success.
* * * * * by Ronda J from Camas on 10/10/2010
These are a piece of cake to print and to piece together!
* * * * * by Kathie L from Allentown on 10/07/2010
I can't imagine making these intricate designs by a means other than Inklingo. There is such a variety of designs in this grouping, and Inklingo makes their assembly so easy. Toss out those templates.
* * * * * by Carol from Panama on 10/07/2010
I am making the Alabama Beauty by hand - 16 curved pieces per block and it's going together very smoothly. This is my first curved pattern and I'm hooked! See my first 6 blocks here:
* * * * * by Karen from Jacksonville on 10/06/2010
The Orange Peel (Deluxe) gives you a lot of flexibility to create a number of older, more traditional patterns. In addition, one can hand piece or easily machine piece as I'm doing with the Improved Nine Patch project. This particular collection, in my view, helps to teach a person a wealth of information about Shapes, how they come together and how they can be interchanged and used to create your own pattern. I've learned more about Inklingo from this collection than I ever would have thought! Being a reproduction girl, there's just a deep well of options here. I feel certain each collection I move into will have a solid foundation as I'm learning so much with this one. It's my favorite!
* * * * * by Joan from Leschenault on 10/04/2010
I know this will be just a beautiful block to make and that it will be as precise as the other collections and fit together beautifully. Alabama Beauty is waitng for me on my computer.
* * * * * by Simone from Melbourne on 09/27/2010
Easy to stitch, the matches are funtastic and make it easier. All the designs go together for lots of possibilities.
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 09/19/2010
Brilliant!! Wonderful shapes for designs like Alabama Beauty in this collection equal some fabulous quilts!

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