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* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 10/09/2010
There are so many handy tips for stitching this beautiful classic book that it's an absolute must-have for anyone making a DWR quilt.
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 10/09/2010
I am constantly awed at the level of information and detail that Linda Franz offers in her Design Books. Planning fabrics and quilt possibilities can be daunting. Not with Linda's Design Book! Don't know how to press a block; answers are in the Design Book. Want to know different possible designs with this block? Consult the Design Book. Be sure to read this great resource!
* * * * * by Lynda Lois from Glendale on 10/08/2010
I am now working on two Double Wedding Ring twin quilt tops. I am hybrid piecing this quilt. I machine pieced the arcs and I am handpiecing the rest of the quilt. I would never have attempted this quilt without Inklingo. The printed lines on the melons make it a dream to piece. And I can't get over the accuracy! All of my connecting points are perfect! It was wonderful to have the printed lines on the fabric. You just want to sit and piece all day long because the anxiety is taken away. I always machine pieced before, but now I find myself handpiecing because it is so relaxing. Inklingo is wonderful!!! It is so easy to use, and so accurate.
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 09/25/2010
If you plan on (ever) making a DWR or Pickle Dish quilt, check out this book first. It will give you all the information you could possibly want to plan, assemble and finish your quilt. You can read more about Inklingo Design books on my blog

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