90° Hexagon
1 inch

Reviews of 90° Hexagon 1 inch for POTC

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* * * * * by Fern from Singapore on 05/12/2013
i attempted and abandoned Lucy Boston's quilt some 12 years ago. Inklingo makes it easy-peasy to make an complex, exquisite and magnificent quilt. I am having so much fun with mine now. Thank you.
* * * * * by Jeannette from Walsenburg, CO on 11/21/2012
How do you spell splendid? I think "Inklingo" and "Power of the Cross" says it all to me. I even broke down and bought some fat quarters that will fussy cut stunningly for this project. And it's almost too easy to hand sew with Inklingo.
* * * * * by Erin from Las Vegas NV on 11/21/2012
My mother's cat has to sleep in the middle of my blocks whenever I work on this at her house. I'm thinking of renaming this one "Patchwork of the Cat." This is another quilt I probably wouldn't have attempted without Inklingo. The ability to print cutting and stitching lines on all the background shapes and most of my coordinating fabrics has been a time saver! You can see some of my blocks here: http://aprairiehome.com/patchwork-of-the-crosses/
* * * * * by Joan F from New Glasgow on 10/09/2010
This pattern goes together in so many different ways. Fussy cutting and pattern repeats can make the block pop. Inklingo is a great tool for it.
* * * * * by Nancy from Montgomery AL on 10/06/2010
Continuation. All of the Inklingo collections that I have used are of the highest quality. Thank you Linda and Monkey!
* * * * * by Joan from Leschenault West Australia on 10/03/2010
Maryam has said it all :) This is just the best design to work with and so very addictive. I have a over 70 blocks done for a King size quilt ...and am currently putting them all together.... . I would NEVER had attempted this quilt, or made it the size I have, if it hadn't been for Linda's wonderful Inklingo. All the peices really go together so well, and fit together with perfection.
* * * * * by Maryam from Hesston Kansas on 09/27/2010
Inklingo is by far the best and easiest way to work with this shape. The cutting and sewing lines on the back of the fabric make it perfect each and every time. I never dreamed something so complicated and difficult looking could be achieved so effortlessly!

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