The Inklingo Handbook (bound)

Reviews of The Inklingo Handbook V2

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* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 10/10/2010
I just love the Inklingo Handbook, there are so many tips that I reread it and continue to hone my skills. Your way of teaching, with so many detailed pics, is great. And the title is deceiving as it just doesn't apply to using Inklingo--although I can't think why anyone would use anything else anymore.
* * * * * by Kathy from Lexington Park on 10/07/2010
Linda's books are so well written and illustrated anyone can follow her instructions!
* * * * * by Shirley J. from Elk Lake, ON on 09/21/2010
I received my handbook and read it cover to cover in one nite! So very well detailed with pictures and explanations that I know I (anyone!) can master this technique with ease and great confidence! Thank you, Linda for such a great experience in quilting. Now to start collecting all the shapes!!

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