Jane Austen
Patchwork Mystery

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* * * * * by Leanne from Australia on 11/18/2012
I bought this book to make my own version of this fabulous coverlet. It is wonderful that it has the history and interesting facts but such clear instructions make this less daunting to actually sew
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 10/09/2010
A fabulous book with some absolutely gorgeous shots of the original Jane Austen quilt as well as information to assist one in making a reproduction.
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 10/09/2010
What a beautiful book this is! I love Jane Austen and it was great to read about this Patchwork. No wonder it's been impossible to do an accurate reproduction of this piece until now--it certainly has odd sizes and angles to it. How interesting the details of the sashing. And what an accomplishment the border diamonds are! Never appreciated those details until this book.

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