Double Wedding Ring 12 inch

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* * * * * by Leslie McS from Harrington on 10/10/2010
This pattern has been on my "one of these days" list for years. I tried a few techniques and never found one that worked for me. Inklingo has solved all of that. Now if Linda could just find a way to put more sewing hours in my day.
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 10/09/2010
This is a pattern I never even had interest in attempting until Inklingo came along. Inklingo always makes stitching precise, but the ease of planning fabrics, quilt size, etc., are made so much simpler with the details that Linda provides in the accompanying design book!
* * * * * by Lynda Lois from Glendale on 10/09/2010
I am now working on two Double Wedding Ring twin quilt tops. I am hybrid piecing this quilt. I machine pieced the arcs and I am handpiecing the rest of the quilt. I would never have attempted this quilt without Inklingo. The printed lines on the melons make it a dream to piece. And I can't get over the accuracy! All of my connecting points are perfect! It was wonderful to have the printed lines on the fabric. You just want to sit and piece all day long because the anxiety is taken away. I always machine pieced before, but now I find myself handpiecing because it is so relaxing. Inklingo is wonderful!!! It is so easy to use, and so accurate.
* * * * * by Kathy from Lexington Park on 10/07/2010
A typically difficult pattern made easy with Inklingo! Inklingo makes all pieces fit together perfectly.
* * * * * by Bruce from Minneapolis on 10/07/2010
This is one pattern that I have always wanted to try but the complexity of it was daunting. With Inklingo I was able to put it together with ease. The gentle curves and precise matching points made it a breeze.
* * * * * by Linda D from Norwich on 10/06/2010
Inklingo is the best thing since sliced bread. To be able to easily print the pattern onto fabric makes it so easy to make a DWR quilt. I made a sampler table runner using all the wonderful possibilities in this collection. I will make a queen size DWR now that I can use INKLINGO.
* * * * * by Lois from Springfield on 09/27/2010
I really was tickled to buy this and excited about using it and did start wall hanging and this made it so easy and fun and I printed on dark fabric as it was all music fabric and I had no trouble at all. The pickle dish add on came out and I loved it and put this to the finish later and started on the pickle dish and love them both. Now it is easy enough to use that you can have a few projects going at the same time. No problem. The DWR handbook is great and really helpful. Photos and information in handbooks are SUPER GREAT. Lois
* * * * * by Claudia from Guadalajara, Spain on 09/26/2010
I always left this on the back burner as a must do "sometime", but was always daunted by the number of pieces and precision required. No longer!!! I am currently assembling the blocks, sewing arcs to center pieces and each and every piece is right on the mark. Inklingo takes the complicated and hard out of this pattern making it a joy to sew!
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 09/25/2010
Another somewhat daunting pattern made oh so easily achievable! Fast, easy and it all fits together so perfectly -- definitely DWR with training wheels!

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