LeMoyne Star
6.0 inch

Reviews of LeMoyne Star 6 inch

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* * * * * by Val . from Pembroke Ontario on 10/08/2010
Stars are versatile and fun to piece..Inklingo makes it easy now to get perfect results every time whether by machine or by hand. I am excited about quilting again thanks to Linda's brilliant ideas.
* * * * * by Val from Pembroke Ontario on 10/08/2010
The LeMoyne Star is one of the most versatile shapes and the possibilities are endless. Linda has covered every printing arrangement that you would want and all the shapes are there for many different patterns such as the Peony block, Broken star and so on. Inklingo makes them all possible in minutes and you are sewing right away. So easy to have the points match whether by machine or by hand. Quilting has become exciting to me again.
* * * * * by Val from Pembroke Ontario on 10/08/2010
Inklingo is brilliant for Star applications. The points come together perfectly and the shapes are easy to piece by machine or by hand or a combination of both. The star collections give you lots of other shapes to do Lily blocks, multiple star applications, partial star blocks and so on. Stars/8 pointed diamonds are one of my favorite shapes and Inklingo has gotten me excited about quilting again.
* * * * * by Linda D from Norwich on 10/06/2010
Stars are one of my favorite things to make but until Inklingo they never quite came together in the center. Inklingo is so precise that my stars now come out great with perfect points. Inklingo is the best way to make. This collection is wonderful with lots of suggestions for quilts. I love Inklingo and I think you will too.
* * * * * by Claudia from Guadalajara, Spain on 09/26/2010
I used this to make an 8-point star and it came out beautifully! No problem matching points and no knocked off points. An essential helping hand to the precision of quilting!

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