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* * * * * by Beverly P from Simonton on 11/16/2012
I would not even try doing all of these curves without Inklingo. No more marking fabric around templates by hand or having to carefully cut around a acrylic template (and then having to add match point markings). Just print and cut them out -- so time saving and much more accurate.
* * * * * by Fiona P in Mount Waverley from on 08/09/2012
I wouldn't have even looked at creating a quilt like this without Inklingo! Makes sewing all those curves and matching points a pleasure.
* * * * * by Joan from West Hickory on 10/07/2010
Great for piecing curves - makes me feel like a 'real' quilter with perfect quarter inch seams. Used it for my Eve's Apron original design.
* * * * * by Bruce from Minneapolis on 10/07/2010
When I was a kid a long time ago I remember sleeping under an apple core quilt that my grandmother had made. When I saw this Inklingo version I just had to have it. And with the apple core swap we had a while back I was able to acquire enough cores to make a nice size charm quilt. People who Inklingo are the nicest people around.
* * * * * by Missy from Ozark, MO on 10/07/2010
Easy Easy piecing, hand OR machine! All the lines and match points are already here when you print with your ordinary ink-jet printer on the back of the fabric (backed with freezer paper for stiffness). These can be easily cut out with your rotary cutter as well. Who needs that expensive GO cutter? It doesn't have sewing lines anyway!

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