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* * * * * by Nancy from North Manchester on 04/06/2015
The book is A B S O L U T E L Y stunning ! ! I'm looking at it at bedtime as though eating very fine, expensive chocolates - slowly ! An unbelievable book for such an inexpensive price ! It offers so much useful information and little helpful tips and techniques along the way. Amazing that a 2 HOUR DVD is included so that you can have Linda there with you. Where else could you get such a BEAUTIFUL book WITH a 2 HOUR DVD for such a low price ! !
* * * * * by Nancy from North Manchester on 04/06/2015
One of the things I forgot to mention concerning the photographs.. It is so helpful that there are many Diamonds photographed from the back so that you can see how to press the seams. As Linda has already mentioned, this is also true on the front and back of the book as well as shown on the front of the DVD. As usual, her attention to detail is incredible. It really is like having a private tutor with everything you could possibly wonder and want to ask sitting right there with you to answer your questions
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 03/22/2015
This really does need more than 5 stars. The quality of this book is extraordinary and the amount of information contained in its pages makes it an absolute must-buy for anyone who wants to excel at hand piecing and grow to love it. The DVD that comes with it is truly having a one-on-one lesson with Linda herself. Even if making a Quilted Diamond diamond is not something you are inclined to do, the lessons you will learn from this book and the DVD lesson are well worth the price of the book and then some. The lessons I learned from making the diamonds have formed the basis for all the hand piecing I now do.
* * * * * by Jane A from Eustis FL on 11/22/2014
Linda's books are such quality. I bought knowing I would not make them they would be much to hard for me. I just bought because they were so beautiful. It is such a pleasure to have any dealings with Linda. Word she is your friend from the get go. Love her and Monkey. Used to buy her Quilted Diamonds books knowing I would never even try to make them too difficult for me even with the fabulous instructions, just because they were so beautiful and the books were such quality and Monkey just cracked me up. What a loving husband Linda has in Russ doing so much so she can stay focused on her work. Thank you Mary Althaus for teaching Linda to hand piece. And now Linda has invented inklingo no quilt is to hard even for me.
* * * * * by Jillian in North Dakota from on 10/09/2010
My absolute favorite learning video comes with this book. If I could give it 10 stars I would. I did not know those all important tips of planning and executing a detailed quilt block. If you have any interest in taking your quilt blocks to the next level, get this combo just for the DVD. The book itself is a delight and inspiration, but the DVD is worth the price alone.
* * * * * by Esther from Leland on 10/07/2010
This book is another winner. For the beginner in hand piecing, or the one who wants to brush up on a technique for hand piecing, I recommend this book and CD. Linda shows up close the way to hand piece. Super super super.
* * * * * by Renee from Gonzales, Louisiana on 10/06/2010
If you love romanticism as much as I do, then you will not be disappointed. Linda literally takes you on a journey through time in Quilted Diamonds 1 and 2. Instructions and illustrations are so detailed, you'll have no trouble getting started.
* * * * * by Cathy from Wilmington on 10/02/2010
Linda's instructions on hand-piecing are the best and the DVD is the cherry on top!
* * * * * by Tilde from Copenhagen on 09/30/2010
If you have ever wanted to learn how to hand-piece, you could buy this book, even if working with itty little pieces to make itty-bitty blocks is not your thing. The complimentary DVD is worth every cent of your money, and it has the best instructions for hand-piecing found anywhere.

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