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* * * * * by Patti from Sudbury, ON on 07/04/2013
Like Cathi from Toronto said above, needs more stars for the rating. Now that my star made from diamonds created with the .5 hexagons is almost all appliqued to the background I am using I know I will be needing a new carry along project, and these just seem to fit the bill...
* * * * * by Jillian from North Dakota on 07/04/2013
Oh my what a feast for they eyes this is! My brain is spinning with ideas sparked from these 300 pieced hexagons. Who knew what incredible variety from 8 simple shapes there could be. Linda Franz is one of the best designers and teachers I've ever come across. This book is up to her usual high standards. Also, think about how generous this is--a minimum of 300 designs for this price! Most quilting books these days have about a dozen quilts in them.
* * * * * by Peggy from Spokane WA on 07/02/2013
Linda and Monkey,I think you have out did yourself with this ebook. I love it. It will help me out greatly. I plan on making lots of hexagon/diamond quilts with this ebook. Now I can do that due to the graphs,both black/white and color. Thanks for making this e-book. Peggy
* * * * * by Ellen from Mundoolun Qld on 07/02/2013
What a great collection of hexagons patterns & ideas. I am hoping to do a red/white quilt with as many variations that I can manage. With this ebook I really think I could do it. Thanks Linda for sorting out my problem the other day even though I live in Australia I had my problem fixed in a couple of hours.Great book & great service.
* * * * * by Sandy from Clarksburg on 07/01/2013
Love the book. I have 15 hexs done. I was trying to make the hexs by looking at old posts. The color photos makes it so much easier Love getting it at a discount also. Thanks Linda
* * * * * by Rosa Robichaud from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on 07/01/2013
My friend got me the book. She called me up this past weekend and we were BOTH ooooohing and aaaaaahing over all the different patterns. She would say, "Oh my God - go see page (fill in the blank)!* and I would go and check it out and then, I'd gush, "OH LORD - check out THIS page!" And back and forth we gushed and oooohed and aaaaahed... We spent a good 20 minutes oooohing and aaaaahing, actually! I then told her that I was buying the CD! *grin* Thanks Linda! Where you get your creative ideas, I don't know. My jaw drops every time you post something! Seriously, if you think hexagons are boring, you haven't swam in Linda's pool of ideas, yet! You owe to yourself to check them out! Thanks Linda! Rosa Robichaud Saint John, NB Canada
* * * * * by Jeannette from Down Under on 06/30/2013
When I opened the new e-book I went WOW.If you love hexagons you will want this book.So many designs and tips you will never need anything else.If you make 1 a day you will be busy for nearly a year.Great value.The scrap bag is coming out in my house lol.Jeannette
* * * * * by Anneke from Rotterdam on 06/28/2013
I thought this system would be adjusted to allow 32 stars or something? ;-) I am very annoyed that I can award JUST five stars!!! OK, I love all of Linda's Inklingo books, but I think this must be my favorite. (At least until she goes and outdoes herself again). If you like pieced hexagons, do not think twice about buying this. You will never need another book. It has everything you need for designing and planning your own quilt, for any technique, (even English Paper Piecing). You will find 300+ pieced hexagon blocks in fabrics, line drawings to color yourself, actual size blocks in several sizes, and all the information about finding the right Inklingo shapes, sewing, pressing, etc. etc.
* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 06/28/2013
This one needs a 10-star rating. If you've ever wanted to do pieced hexagons, this book is an absolute must! Having the line drawings as well as the illustrated examples makes it so easy to play with ideas! And it's chock full of great stitching tips for both machine and hand piecing these little beauties.

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