60° Hexagon
0.5 inch

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* * * * * by Pat from Bedford, TX on 09/20/2014
These cute little hexagons just make you smile. They make a great take a long project or while watching TV. Fast quick and perfect.
* * * * * by Charlsey from Fort Worth TX on 11/19/2012
Hexagon shapes is not something I was willing to tackle in my quilting projects until Inklingo. Printing the stitching lines on the fabric eliminates paper and templates. Inklingo has enabled me to accomplish projects that were beyond my quilting abilities. Before I start a new project, I always check to see if it is "Inklingo~able".
* * * * * by Emily from Arlington TX on 11/18/2012
If 3" finished hexagons are Candied Hexagons, these little jems must be M&M hexagons- and are every bit as addictive! The optimum page size prints 35 hexagons at a time! Since they only take a single needle full of thread to stitch each side, these tiny hexagons piece quickly. Beware this collection, once you start playing with these bitty hexagons, you may never go back to bigger patches!
* * * * * by Barb from Hurst, TX on 10/09/2010
Never in my life did I believe I would ever want to piece 1/2" hexagons. My friends all think I'm crazy! But Inklingo makes it so easy with no basting, no little papers to worry about, no whip stitching! Just a simple running stitch. One needleful and you're ready to turn a corner and add another piece. It's magic! And Linda has made it all simple and achievable. Love it!
* * * * * by Lynda Lois from Glendale on 10/08/2010
I have accomplished so much in a year because of the ease and accuracy of Inklingo. I am handpiecing the Insanity Quilt which has over 11,000 pieces. With Inklingo I have all of my 1/2 inch size hexagons printed and ready to cut and then sew. I know that this will be an on going project because of the size of the finished quilt and the small size of the hexagons. But the ease of piecing these small hexagons by hand is so accurate and perfect because of Inklingo. Because of the way Inklingo prints the hexagons on the back side of the fabric they are ready to cut out immediately and ready to piece without having to mark anything. Everything is already marked with match marks. Inklingo is wonderful and Linda has such detailed instruction and help with all of her Inklingo downloads. I think this is a great product and once you use one of her downloads you will be looking for more!
* * * * * by Bruce from Minneapolis on 10/07/2010
The 0.5 Hexagon is a life saver. I am working on a quilt with over 10,000 hexagons in it. Without this program I never would have attempted it. I would still be cutting out hexagons. I am not a big fan of English Paper Piecing but this program allows me to piece things I never would have tried before. Thank you Linda and Monkey.
* * * * * by Linda D from Norwich on 10/06/2010
I am absolutely obsessed with these little hexagons. I just finished a quilt with 11,152 hexagons in it. If you like hand piecing you will love working with these little half inch hexagons.
* * * * * by Peggy S from Spokane on 10/03/2010
I love this program too.It is so easy to use and really easy to get lots of hexagons at at once.I am really enjoying this program. Peggy S
* * * * * by Joan from Leschenault Western AUstralia on 10/03/2010
It is fabulous to be able to cut these small shapes out with Inklingo. I have an insanity quilt all printed out and cut and ready to sew...It is all there just waiting for me. I have completed about 50 of the diamonds...so easy to put together...all the background shapes are cut out too...the whole quilt did not take long to print and cut...and I know I wont run out of fabric either. I would never have done this without the ease of Inklingo.
* * * * * by Pam from Victoria, Australia on 10/01/2010
I was so pleased when this collection was available. It has enabled me to print small hexagons for intricate designs so quickly, designs that I would not have attempted otherwise because of the size of the hexagons and the numbers involved. A great buy.

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