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* * * * * by Cathi from Toronto on 07/06/2015
This book, along with QD2, is always one to which I love to go - to look at the gorgeous diamonds and to read the wonderful instructions. I've made quite a few of the diamonds from Quilted Diamonds and enjoyed every second. Once again, this book sets the bar very high for what a quilt book should be. The quality, from the wonderfully glossy stock to the amazing photographs to the fabulous instructions, cannot be beat.
* * * * * by Jane A from Eustis FL on 11/22/2014
Linda's books are such quality. I bought knowing I would not make them they would be much to hard for me. I just bought because they were so beautiful. It is such a pleasure to have any dealings with Linda. Word she is your friend from the get go. Love her and Monkey. Used to buy her Quilted Diamonds books knowing I would never even try to make them, just because they were so beautiful and the books were such quality and Monkey just cracked me up. What a loving husband Linda has in Russ doing so much so she can stay focused on her work. Thank you Mary Althaus for teaching Linda to hand piece. And now Linda has invented inklingo no quilt is to hard even for me.
* * * * * by Esther from Leland on 10/07/2010
I love this book. So many diamonds and the middle medallion is great. I recommend this to any one who is looking for some great hand piecing designs.
* * * * * by Kari L from Hanover on 10/07/2010
I found this book before I found Dear Jane and just fell in love with the precision handwork. This is one of the only quilt patterns published that teaches the importance of grain. Worth the price for the eye candy, let alone the awesome patterns and instruction!
* * * * * by Renee from Gonzales, Louisiana on 10/06/2010
I just LOVE Linda's Quilted Diamonds book. Have made several of the diamonds but so enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover. It was actually like reading a novel!

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