Quilted Diamonds in Denmark

Quilted Diamonds in Denmark

Grethe’s Quilted Diamonds in Denmark

A Charming Tale of Quilted Diamonds in Denmark,
and how a quilt was lost and found,
and how Grethe was inspired to make her quilt

Written by Ingrid on Samsø

(I think you are to have the whole story about how Grethe fell in love with the Quilted Diamond.)

Quilted Diamonds by Ingrid in Denmark

We had a little Patchworkmeeting here on Samsø (we were 12) and the eleven from out of the island rented two summerhouses and we were there and had “Show and Tell” swapping and eat and laughter and fun.

We also saw Inge Hansen with her Quilted Diamond. When they all were home again, Inge wrote and told me she couldn’t find her quilt!!

She had asked the ferry it wasn’t there….now she asked me if I could remember if she had it when I drove them to the ferry ? No I couldn’t, but I could look at the photo I took at those three girls with their luggage. No not there either. Now I drove out to the house and took a look through the windows….yes there was a packet and there was the quilt. Inge had forgot the last package of her luggage.

Now she called the man who had the keys to those houses, and he agreed to mail it to me. (It was outside the season and the keys was on the mainland.) I got the keys and took out to the house and got the quilt. AND called Inge.

Quilted Diamonds by Ingrid in Denmark

Great relief, The quilt was secure. Now this was a Wednesday so I asked it I could show it in my quiltgroup this day and wait to mail it until after that. Yes I could. Inge was happy she knew where the quilt was.

They all said oooh and beautiful and was very impressed. Then I told Inge is was not good for the quilt to be mailed so near to the weekend because it was then sooo alone at the postoffice before it could come to Inge and I also had to find a perfect box to mail it in. Lots of excuses for not shipping it. :o)

I layed it on our guestroom and it was beautiful. Grethe was to visit me to see it again and she absolutely fell in love. But she can no english. And didn’t know how to start. She wanted the book and got it, as you know.

But she still wasn`t sure how to. I then promised to print all the blocks on freezerpaper and paper, so she could start. Every week from dec. 2006 she got prints and she was determent to sew this quilt.

Sometimes she complaint over the tiny pieces, but when a diamond was finished she was happy again.

When we had an exhibition with our quilts from more groups here on island the middle of the quilt was there also. Now we have to do a new exhibition soon …… to show this one finished.

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