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Patterns for the Jane Austen Patchwork Quilt

My books and DVDs combine quiliting with my longtime passion for the life and novels of Jane Austen. 


Jane Austen Patchwork photos by Linda Franz 2001

See why quilters love Inklingo for the Jane Austen Patchwork.


Diamonds for Jane Austen Patchwork Quilt

Quilted Diamonds is different from Inklingo.

Sew a Replica of the Jane Austen Patchwork!


Inklingo is perfect for a replica. Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery (2009) and the Jane Austen Patchwork Inklingo shape collection (2008) provide the first and only accurate, detailed pattern and instructions for this wonderful design.

OR sew a quilt "Inspired by. . . "

Quilted Diamonds (2002 and 2004) and Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilts (2005) were inspired by Jane Austen, but are not exact replicas of the original coverlet. They are wonderful quilts to hand piece with freezer paper templates (pre-Inklingo).

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Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery

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Jane Austen Patchwork
Downloadable Shapes

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Jane Austen Combo Special 1
Book plus Download Combo Special
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Quilted Diamonds 1

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Quilted Diamonds 2

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Inklingo for QD
Downloadable Shapes

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Writing Table Quilts
Book on CD + DVD
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FREE Diamond Triangle Square
Downloadable Shapes
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Guided Tour
Downloadable Pattern
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Why quilters love Inklingo for the Jane Austen Patchwork

This Jane Austen quilt pattern enables you to make a quilt that is as "Light & Bright & Sparkling" as the novels. Don't settle for less than the best!

You can make a replica of the Jane Austen coverlet with just the JAPM book, but it is far easier with the Jane Austen Patchwork shape collection (PDF), so you can print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.


Print diamonds on fabric

1. Choice of Methods

When the Austen ladies were stitching their patchwork at Chawton, there were no sewing machines. English Paper Piecing (EPP)was a favorite choice.

However, Inklingo’s precise lines for stitching and cutting—perfectly printed on the fabric by the hundreds—make it easier than they could have imagined in the early 1800s.

Jane Austen did not have a choice of methods. This Jane Austen quilt pattern includes everything you need to sew by hand or by machine or a combination of both.

If you prefer English Paper Piecing, you can print the Inklingo templates without seam alowances and cut several layers of paper at a time with a rotary cutter. (In addition to the shapes to print on fabric, every Inklingo shape collection includes the shapes without seam allowances for templates.)

I do not recommend English Paper Piecing for this design because it is faster, easier and more precise to sew this design by machine in diagonal rows, using the illustrated instructions in Jane Austen Patchwork Mystery.

2. Fussy Cutting!

You can Fussy Cut with Inklingo (See the 3 minute video.)

3. Simple to Decide How Much Fabric

There are diagrams in every shape collection which show how many shapes you can cut from a yard of fabric.

4. Easy to Cut

No measuring. No templates. With this Jane Austen quilt pattern, "The only difficulty . . . was in concealing the excess of her pleasure." (Northanger Abbey, Ch 14). Use a rotary cutter or scissors. No expensive cutting machines required—and there are stitching lines and matching marks printed on every shape!

5. Print scraps and Jelly Rolls

Monkey shows you how to print on Jelly Rolls on the All About Inklingo blog.

6. Even more reasons!

  • Some quilters want to cut with scissors.
  • Quilters love the accuracy of perfectly printed shapes without measuring.
  • Quilters love having matching marks and stitching lines on every piece, so they can hand piece when they are on the go, and machine piece when they need speed.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them use scraps.
  • Quilters love the way Inklingo helps them estimate how much yardage to buy.

"It was a plan to promote the happiness of all." (Emma)

July 2010 Jane Austen variation on the blog

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Quilted Diamonds 2 hand piecing lesson


The two-hour hand piecing lesson in Quilted Diamonds 2 is like taking a private lesson from me. The beautiful book and DVD are available again. 

The dining room at Chawton


There are photo albums of my trips to Chawton, Bath and Winchester under the Jane Austen tab in the menu bar(above). "She could think of nothing better." (Emma, Ch 22)

APRIL 2010 Jane Austen's History of England is available online. All About Inklingo Blog

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