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Paper Pieces


Quilted Diamonds 2 

144 pages, soft cover, stitched binding, includes
DVD lesson 110 minutes (almost 2 hours!)

Welcome to my little sitting room, where Mrs. Bates is slumbering on one side of the fire, Frank Churchill is most deedily occupied, and Jane Fairfax is playing her pianoforte.1

Quilted Diamonds 2 contains more than 900 photos and illustrations, and every copy includes the DVD lesson.

The DVD lesson was directed by Michael Lennick, award winning director of "Rocket Science" for the Discovery Channel.

♦ 101 new diamonds named with quotations from Jane Austen’s novels
♦ Each diamond is shown in three fabric combinations and from the back
♦ Detailed, illustrated directions for hand piecing with freezer paper templates
♦ Optional CD of patterns, for use with Electric Quilt software (EQ4 or EQ5).
♦ Step-by-step instructions...
♦ ...and ideas for a variety of settings

Quilted Diamonds 2

Table of Contents

Miss Elizabeth's Star

She stepped boldly forward. . .

The object of her happiest thoughts.

Clear, comprehensible, elegant English.

Hand Piecing

Settings in EQ

Designing Settings

Alternate Settings

Optional CD for EQ


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