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 Chawton Cottage

Chawton Cottage 

Jane Austen wrote most of her novels at Chawton Cottage in the dining parlor, at a small side table. Her novels were a secret from everyone except her immediate family.


The Squeaky Hinge


The Squeaky Hinge  It has been passed down through her nieces and nephews that she particularly asked that the annoying squeak in the hinge of the door (above) not be oiled, because it gave her the warning she needed to tuck her pages out of the view of a surprise visitor. (QD1, Diamond # 16)

The graves of Jane Austen's sister Cassandra, and their mother (below)  "Cassandra stayed on alone at Chawton, living largely in her memories of the past, surrounded by the same old furniture, reading the same old favorite books, sewing and teaching the village girls to read, as when her mother and sister were alive.The young Austens were to remember her as a white-haired old lady dressed in black satin, whose countenance, at the mention of her sister Jane, involuntarily lit up with a look of love."

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Writing Table (right) in the Dining Parlour

The Squeaky Hinge (QD1 # 16)

Portraits in Miniature (QD1 # 172

Topaz Cross (QD1 # 77)

A Little Bit of Ivory (QD1 # 32)

Flowers and Jane Austen

Jane Austen's Bedroom

Jane Austen's Bedroom

Flowers on a Mantle

Linda in Jane Austen's Bedroom

In the Garden

In the Garden

In the Garden

In the Garden

Garden Door

Garden Gate

Cottage from the Garden

Chawton Cottage from the Green

Jane Austen's House

Chawton Village

Chawton Village

Cassandra's Grave


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