Cathi’s Tumbler Stars Quilt Pattern

Cathi Godwin has done it again! She has created a new pattern for Inklingo!

As soon as she saw the shapes in the Inklingo Tumbler Shape Collection, she started designing new quilts. With Cathi’s imagination and flair, she found a way to create a new design with the tumbler, skinny triangles, and squares.

I could not resist playing with different color combinations in her setting.

Why am I not surprised that Cathi saw stars? If you visit Cathi’s Quilt Obsession blog, you will see that stars are a favourite theme with her. (That’s ‘favourite’ on purpose. Cathi is Canadian.)

It is a great pattern and includes a table runner variation. Thanks to Cathi’s generous heart and feeling of friendship for Inklingo quilters, she has made it available for free. You can order and download it right now.

Cathi made this pattern the best it could be, and she holds the copyright. One of the rights of copyright is that she can decide to give her work away for free. Only the copyright holder can do that, but she has given me permission to put it on the Inklingo web site for you. I am grateful that she is willing to share it with all of us. Please respect her copyright. If you want copies for your friends, please refer them to the web site so they can order and download for themselves.

Follow Cathi’s creative endeavors on her Quilt Obsession blog too. You’ll meet Mr. Q. O., Lester, and Smudge.

I can’t stop with these!

Many thanks to Cathi for her pattern and her friendship, and thanks to you for visiting too.

Linda & Monkey

2 thoughts on “Cathi’s Tumbler Stars Quilt Pattern”

  1. How cute! I love these patterns and can only imagine the work that Cathi’s put into pulling these together. Personally, I sure appreciate all the effort she puts in to making inklingo more and more accessible and fun to everyone! *karendianne.


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